Terms and conditions

Shipping Terms and Conditions:

Deposit Payment Options:

We work to schedule your vehicle for pickup right away. We require a deposit fee upfront to locate a carrier for you, as stated herein. Your Deposit has to be paid in full before pickup and delivery of your vehicle(s) can happen.

  • PayPal – Sign in to your PayPal account and send your payment to: sales@corporateautotransport.com.
  • Credit Card – Your credit card information will be collected online through the electronic invoice we send to your email address.
  • Cashier’s Check – Make your certified check payable to Corporate Auto Transport and “Next Day Air” it to: 865 NE Tomahawk Island Drive, #129, Portland, OR 97217 (tracking# required).

*The term ”Shipper” refers to the customer placing the order and agreeing to the terms and conditions herein. The “Shipper” agrees that they are the owner of said vehicles in the order placed OR an authorized agent for the owner. The term “Carrier” refers to the carrier/driver contracted to fulfill said order.

1. Corporate Auto Transport agrees to have the vehicle(s) described on order set up for shipping on or about the dates requested. It is the responsibility of the shipper to give a correct ready date to Corporate Auto Transport for each order placed. A “Ready Date” means the FIRST day the vehicle is available for pickup by a carrier.  Corporate Auto Transport will locate a licensed Carrier (agent) to fulfill the terms and conditions of this agreement. The scheduled Carrier will route Shipper’s vehicle(s) from pickup to delivery by a suitable route and does not agree to any specific routing. Corporate Auto Transport does not guarantee a specific pickup or delivery date and is not liable for any car rental or accommodation fees etc. that are incurred for the Shipper and/or his agent(s) due to pickup/delivery early arrivals or delays. Dates are always estimates and cannot be guaranteed without extra costs, and any guarantees have to be in writing labeled as such and are in addition to the terms and conditions herein. Dates can only be Guaranteed by manager approval and have to be in writing, time of day can never be guaranteed. If Corporate Auto Transport fails to uphold the Guarantee, Corporate Auto Transport is held liable for the ‘Guarantee fee’ only (up to $200) and the Shipper will be due a refund of his/her guarantee fee if Corporate Auto Transport fails to uphold said guarantee for any reason and the shipper agrees to continue with oue Standard Shipping service level. If Shipper has paid their deposit for their order, they are accepting the price quoted AND the Terms and Conditions herein.

2. This order is subject to all terms and conditions of the Carrier’s bills of lading, copies of which are available at the office of Carrier and are incorporated herein.

3. Carrier’s responsibility of vehicle begins when the shipper or his agent hands over their keys and vehicle and/or signs the bill of lading at pickup with the carrier, and terminates when the shipper or his agent accepts vehicle and/or signs the bill of lading at delivery.Corporate Auto Transport must be notified immediately should the shipper be unavailable for pickup or delivery if the order has been scheduled with a carrier and an authorized agent must be designated at that time to handle the shipper’s pickup or delivery for him/her. It is the responsibility of the shipper to make sure Corporate Auto Transport has all correct Pickup and Delivery addresses and contact information at all times for all parties involved! If a carrier is scheduled and the vehicle cannot be picked up because no one is available or the vehicle is not available for release for any other reason OR if the car is inoperable and not accessible for the carrier then there will be a mandatory additional $100.00 Rescheduling Fee to start the Rescheduling process with Corporate Auto Transport if customer chooses to have us reschedule a new carrier once the car is accessible or a contact is available in the near future. Also, if carrier cannot pick up the car due to no fault of the carrier, as listed previously, then a scheduled carrier may charge an additional dead head fee (at the carrier’s discretion) to the shipper due to cancelling their pick-up schedule. If a carrier is assigned to the Shipper’s order and the carrier cancels for his own personal or mechanical reasons and it is at no fault of the shipper then it is understood by the Shipper that it is also at no fault of Corporate Auto Transport that the carrier cancelled but Corporate Auto Transport will still try to locate another carrier to reschedule Shipper’s order with as a courtesy to the shipper but there are No Refunds due to the Shipper after scheduling any drivers whatsoever and no rescheduling fees will be incurred for the Shipper and no discounts are due to the shipper.

4. Corporate Auto Transport hereby notifies shipper that their vehicle will be driven on and off the transporter, or to and from the transporter at the pickup or delivery sites. Pickup and delivery should be from your door (except for off-shore shipping), but some limitations such as but not limited to cul-de-sacs, steep inclines, weight restrictions, narrow streets etc. can make it very difficult, risky, or impossible to meet at a shipper’s door and should the carrier be unable to access either site, this does not relieve the consignee from making a reasonable effort to meet the truck at a suitable location. In order to fully pick-up or deliver your vehicle you must be willing to travel up to 5 miles from the designated pickup or delivery point. In cases where the vehicle is inoperable and the car is not accessible by the carrier due to their size or other variables then a local tow truck or a roll-back may be required to actually pull the vehicle out to a suitable location for the carrier to be able to load the inoperable vehicle and the tow-truck or roll-back will be at the expense of the shipper. In rare cases, if you are in a very rural/remote area an available auto transport carrier may request to meet a customer at a closer location to an accessible city for pick-up and/or delivery to happen and this may be the only option available from time to time for the shipper and shipper understands that they should make a reasonable effort to agree to a more convenient pick-up or delivery location. When shipper is waiting to be scheduled with a Carrier the Shipper has the right to decline available driver options Corporate Auto Transport presents to them and the shipper can keep waiting for the next driver option that comes available, even if a carrier is requesting to meet at a different location than Shipper wants, and Shipper understands either way that ANY driver availability we present to them that is exact OR nearby their route on order makes any deposits paid Non-Refundable if the order is cancelled for any reason after turning down or missing out on an available driver option. Corporate Auto Transport also does NOT offer vehicle storage and does not hold insurance for vehicle storage in any way and in no way can Corporate Auto Transport be held liable for any costs or damages regarding vehicle storage.

5. All vehicles delivered with a balance due to the carrier shall be paid by CASH or CASHIER’S CHECK ONLY (US funds), OR POSTAL MONEY ORDER can occasionally be substituted at the carriers approval (it is up to your carrier what type of payment forms they specifically accept, so please check with them at time of pickup to make sure to have the correct form of c.o.d. at time of delivery). All orders are delivered with a balance due to the carrier unless otherwise noted in your email confirmations. If choosing to pay by Cashier’s Check it should be drawn off a major United States bank and MADE PAYABLE TO YOUR SPECIFIED CARRIER. Should carrier attempt delivery after 1 to 24 hours voice notification to phone numbers provided by shipper and shipper or his agent does not have proper funds or is unavailable to receive delivery, vehicle(s) will be taken to and left at the nearest terminal/storage facility at the discretion of the carrier, where shipper will have to retrieve and pay for all storage, extra mileage and/or redelivery fees in addition to their balance due to retrieve their vehicle. Note: Placing Shipper’s vehicle(s) into a terminal/storage facility of carrier’s choice at the expense of the Shipper will also happen if the Shipper’s deposit to Corporate Auto Transport is not paid in full before the time of delivery as well. All Vehicles being shipped Off-Shore or as a PREPAY are due in full at the time of placing the order and can be paid by credit card with a $50 handling fee, unless otherwise noted in the order by a manager, or pay by cashiers check as listed in the Payment Options above without a handling fee, and all prepays have to be received in our office before we can schedule your vehicle for pick-up.

6. Corporate Auto Transport does not guarantee transport by any specific driver/carrier.

7. We must be notified if you are shipping an inoperable vehicle because fees apply and you may be required to help load and unload said vehicle at the discretion of the driver scheduled. Should vehicle(s) become inoperable during transport $200.00 will be due at time of delivery in addition to any other moneys owed per your contract with the carrier. It is the shipper’s responsibility to make sure vehicle is in proper working order. Problems, such as but not limited to, a dead battery, bad alternator, loose cables, etc. that makes the vehicle inoperable during transport will increase the transport delivery price by $200.00. Shipper agrees that if the carrier contracted shows up to the pickup location and discovers the vehicle(s) is different in running statuste, year, make, model, size, etc. than what is listed in writing in the order, additional charges will be added on to the balance that is to be collected at delivery and those charges will have to be paid in full to retrieve vehicle. Carrier does have the right to decline to take the vehicle at pickup in this situation and the shipper would then be subject to a mandatory Dead Head fee applied by the driver AND a $100 rescheduling fee would be owed to Corporate Auto Transport in addition to their original deposit already paid if shipper wants Corporate Auto Transport to reschedule a new driver for the new vehicle information. If shipper decides to discontinue transport and cancel altogether, shipper understands they will still owe the carrier a Dead Head fee (approx $100-200) and they are forfeiting the deposit paid to Corporate Auto Transport and No Refund will be due to the shipper as well. It is the responsibility of the shipper to give exact dimensions of all vehicles to Corporate Auto Transport so that drivers have correct vehicle information to limit issues loading the vehicle.

8. Corporate Auto Transport or its agents will not recommend transporting vehicles with personal or household items in the passenger or trunk compartment. NO Flammables, guns, ammunition, narcotics, etc. can be shipped in/on the vehicle(s) whatsoever. Federal regulation prohibits Corporate Auto Transport or its agents from doing so. Shipper agrees that any personal or household items can be confiscated or disposed of by Corporate Auto Transport or the carrier transporting said vehicle(s). If such items are shipped, such items become the sole responsibility of the shipper. This is Federal Law and under no control of Corporate Auto Transport. Any cost, damages, sit time, or citations issued to Carrier due to or caused by excess weight of vehicle(s) or personal items in vehicle(s) will be the sole responsibility of the Shipper. If personal items are inside the vehicle when carrier picks up the vehicle and they were not disclosed to carrier prior to pickup, shipper understands they can be automatically charged an additional fee for the extra weight, which is on average an extra $200 (/-). If shipper is putting personal items inside the vehicle, even though we do not recommend this, it is always at their own risk and they can be held liable for extra fees mentioned herein. Other terms and conditions with your specific carrier may apply to this request but should be discussed and noted on the carrier’s Bill of Lading for the shipper to review.

9. Corporate Auto Transport or its agents will not be responsible for vandalism, acts of God (fire, flooding, hail, snow, sand storm, tornadoes, earthquakes) or objects flying from the road or sky during transport. Shippers should maintain their own insurance for these reasons. Enclosed transport is available at a higher price if necessary to help ensure the condition of the vehicle. Corporate Auto Transport is not liable for any damage to shipped vehicle(s) and all claims must be given to the carrier who transported the vehicle(s) directly.

10. Shipper is responsible for preparing the vehicle(s) for transport, all loose parts fragile or protruding accessories, low hanging spoilers, fog lights, antennas, etc., must be removed and/or properly secured. Any part that falls off in transit is shipper’s responsibility, including damage done by said part to any and all vehicles involved. Keys to car must be available for unlocking steering column/doors and to turn on ignition etc.

11. If damage should occur, all moneys owed for transport must be paid in full to initiate a claim. Shipper agrees that he/she will pay all moneys due to Corporate Auto Transport and the contracted Carrier for delivered vehicles, and will not seek to charge back a credit card to offset and dispute for damage claims or services rendered. United States Department of Transportation regulations require that the full balance due be paid to the Carrier before the vehicle(s) can be removed from the transporter. Shipper agrees to bring any legal action for damages against the transporting Carrier only and agrees to release Corporate Auto Transport LLC from any such claims. Damage must be noted in the proper place on the bill of lading at time of delivery, and signed by carrier and shipper, regardless of weather or time of day. Signing the bill of lading without any notation of damage verifies that shipper or his agent has received the said vehicle in good condition, and that Corporate Auto Transport and its agents are relieved of any further responsibility. Shipper or his agent MUST check vehicle thoroughly and ask for a copy of the inspection report if one is not offered. The inspection report is the shipper’s evidence of condition and damages during transport.

12. Corporate Auto Transport and its agents must also be notified of any damage by phone within 24 hours of delivery. Shipper must submit in writing a description of damage, clear pictures, and 2 estimates within 3 days of receipt of said vehicle directly to the designated carrier for any resolution to be initiated. Corporate Auto Transport will support the shipper in this effort should such a problem occur, but in no way will Corporate Auto Transport accept responsibility for any negligence of the assigned carrier. If your vehicle is valued at a higher than stock market rate, we suggest you purchase a special insurance rider OR pursue the enclosed transport option.

13. There of, shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Clark County, Washington. Shipper specifically waives any right to judicature of this matter at any other location. Corporate Auto Transport Inc can only be liable for up to the amount of the deposit located on the order in dispute. In no case can Corporate Auto Transport be held liable for the designated carrier’s damage. Corporate Auto Transport will provide the carrier’s insurance information and carrier’s contact information should any controversy arise. The prevailing party in any litigation initiated under this agreement shall be entitled to reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs incurred.

14. If you place an order with us, you have the option to cancel it at any time. Once your deposit fee is paid it becomes Non-Refundable, unless otherwise noted herein, due to several factors including our time and effort spent on the shipper’s order from the time it is placed and if an order is already scheduled the driver contracted will now have an empty space that may not get filled which costs Corporate Auto Transport and the driver. It is Corporate Auto Transport’s goal to only get paid if we perform the service of Auto Transport Broker. All Cancellation requests must be done by phone and email and are not guaranteed cancelled if shipper called or emailed a request to cancel. It is the Shipper’s responsibility to make sure their order gets cancelled upon their request by notifying us immediately. Your order has not been cancelled until you receive a confirmation email stating it has been cancelled from Corporate Auto Transport. 

15. Every order can be placed on hold and is valid for up to 9 months from the date it was placed because Corporate Auto Transport’s main goal is to satisfy the customer and complete the auto transport (this is useful in cases that have to postpone their shipping dates etc.). Deposit fees already paid on orders that are placed ON HOLD are Non-Refundable as well. Once the customer would like to proceed with transport sometime during the 9 month period, the quote may have to be adjusted to reflect current industry pricing and this is understood by the shipper. Shipper understands Corporate Auto Transport requires a valid phone # and email for the shipper at all times for the order to remain on hold. If a shipper is not reachable for more than 48hrs then Corporate Auto Transporthas the right to cancel the order and no refunds are due to the shipper. After a 9 month period, Corporate Auto Transport has the right to cancel the order and still no refunds are due to the shipper.

19. Corporate Auto Transport is a licensed and bonded Property Broker. We are responsible for booking the shipment of cars with a licensed and insured Motor Carrier, who handle their own damage claims. It may take a few weeks for the carrier to process a damage claim, since the drivers must return to their terminals with the original Bill of Lading condition reports. Corporate Auto Transport does not transport your vehicle or ensure it’s transport. Corporate Auto Transport is paid to provide the service of locating licensed (by the Dept. of Transportation) & insured (we personally receive current insurance information from each carrier) Auto Transport Carriers and logistically bringing the Carrier and the Customer/shipper together.

20. Corporate Auto Transport will not be responsible for demurrage at any Port Facilities. Actual port fees and vessel requirements vary and each vehicle is allotted a certain amount of days to be picked up once it reaches the port and any days the vehicle(s) is stored at the port after the allotted free storage time can incur daily storage charges and are to be paid by the shipper. Corporate Auto Transport will supply the vessel information to the shipper for reference. If Corporate Auto Transport has contracted with the shipper to get a carrier to pick up said vehicle(s) from the port and deliver said vehicle(s) to a given destination, Corporate Auto Transport will do everything in their power to get a carrier to pick up said vehicle(s) during the free storage allotted time to limit any extra storage costs for the shipper. If Corporate Auto Transport can not get a carrier to the port within the free storage allotted time given by the port, then any additional storage charges are still the responsibility of the shipper because Corporate Auto Transport cannot be held liable for these fees in any circumstance due to the fact that carriers may not always be available to load vehicles at the port right when shipper’s vehicle arrives to the port and that is why dates can only be estimated and not guaranteed. Shipping off-shore requires all vehicles to be clean, with 1/4 tank of gas or less, no items whatsoever inside the vehicle and no cracks or chips in the windows at all, shipping TO the mainland may also require a release from any lienholders and your over seas carrier can supply more information if you request it. All vehicles will be thoroughly inspected and will be denied vessel boarding if the vehicle does not meet the vessel boarding requirements. These vessel loading requirements could be different depending on the specific port and should be checked and verified by the shipper.

21. Corporate Auto Transport also recommends all shippers hold their own marine insurance policy for their vehicle’s international or marine vessel transportation because marine insurance is not included in price quotes unless otherwise noted. Responsibility becomes that of the Shipper for all marine transportation when the shipper, his agent, or the designated carrier signs the bill of lading at pickup or delivery at the port to await vessel loading/unloading and any disputes arising after delivery with the port are between the shipper and the Marine Cargo Carrier. Corporate Auto Transport is not responsible for any port fees, damages, or taxes or duties involved with marine or International Shipping whatsoever. Any destination charges and importation through the destination port are ultimately the responsibility of the receiver.