Daily Tip

  1. Auto Transport is so subjective that you’re going to have a bad time if you pick the first company you find and do not check out their reputation. Take some time and do your homework; most auto shipping companies use different carriers and price things differently, so if you take a bit of time to do some research you could save quite a bit of money on your next car shipment. Always check the company out with the better business bureau www.bbb.org before signing up to move your vehicle.
  2. The carrier will always get as close to your door as possible but incase the auto carrier cannot get down your street parking lots of major stores or malls are probably the best places to meet auto transportation companies for pickup or delivery, though they can do it anywhere so long as they have the room. They’re big trucks, and they can’t just fit anywhere, so they need to find places that they can have the room to get cars on and off and maneuver without running into anything or getting stuck.
  3. Lying to your vehicle shipping representative about the type of vehicle you are shipping is a bad idea that can lead to increased prices mid-shipment or a canceled order. The accuracy of your quotes is heavily dependent on what you’re shipping and where it’s shipping from and to, and lying about those things can lead to problems down the line. Honesty, as always, is the best policy in the auto shipping industry.
  4. Please remember that if you fill out our free online quote form you will not get multiple companies bothering you. You will get one quote from an honest A+ Rated auto transport company that you can trust.
  5. If you have questions about our services or some aspect of the vehicle shipping industry, don’t hesitate to call email or text 503-995-5251.  Contacting your vehicle shipping company and asking questions is one of the best things that you can do, and can mean the difference between a good experience and a nightmare.
  6. We recommend that you not put any items in your vehicle if you are transporting it unless you absolutely have to. Contents inside of the vehicle will not be covered by the auto transport companies insurance if anything was lost damaged or stolen. This means you should NOT put anything expensive or valuable anywhere in the car, and unless you’d be able to easily let go of said objects if something were to happen, ship them via another method. Only the vehicle is covered by full coverage insurance during transport.
  7. Major metropolitan areas (cities with over 100,000 residents) are the most popular areas for vehicle shipping companies to run routes to and from. They provide more opportunities for new loads and new customers, and many sit along major interstates so shippers don’t have to waste fuel going to out-of-the-way areas. This is why shipping to and from major metro areas is often cheaper than shipping to or from smaller areas. Keep that in mind.
  8. It’s crazy how much fuel costs can affect your vehicle shipping prices. With fuel prices around $3/gallon, vehicle shipping prices are some of the highest they’ve ever been. Keep that in mind when budgeting your auto transport shipment.
  9. Shipping more than one vehicle will save you some good money. It’ll still cost more than shipping one vehicle by itself, but it’s cheaper than shipping two vehicles with two different auto transport companies. Ask about our multiple car discount.
  10. Shipping a vehicle takes time. Time to get it booked, time to get it picked up, time to get it transported – it takes time to do just about everything, so make sure you plan your shipment accordingly, and not doing anything at the last-minute if you need your vehicle by a certain date.
  11. Shipping a vehicle across the country can be a real pain, but that’s why Corporate Auto Transport is so great. We know how to get your vehicle from coast to coast safely and professionally. You can rest assured knowing your vehicle will be handled by a professional auto transporter.
  12. Delivery times are always estimates, as there are a lot of things that can cause delays when shipping a car across the country. Delays do not always happen but they can. We recommend keeping an open line of communication with your representative so you know what’s going on at all times.
  13. Double booking your order with more than 1 company can lead to all sorts of headache with you, your carrier and your broker. All Auto transport companies use the same load board and have access to all the same carriers. Double booking can lead to cancelled orders or carriers being unwilling to schedule your vehicle.
  14. Shipping any classic car, should be done with care and precision. You want to find the right carrier to handle your classic car, and if it’s a really nice one you may want to consider enclosed transport. Many classic cars aren’t worth much and open transport is fine, but some – it can be costly to ship open, and enclosed would likely be better.
  15. Dually trucks are huge, and they require a lot of power in order to haul them. Some are so big that they can’t fit on a standard car transport carrier, so if you’re shipping a dually truck make sure that you let your shipping company know so they don’t book the wrong truck for you.
  16. Make sure you have your vehicle’s year, make and model on hand and ready to give when gathering quotes. There’s a big difference between a sports coupe and a full-size sport utility vehicle, and in auto transport that can be a swing of several hundred dollars that you’ll end up having to pay.
  17. Shipping a high-end luxury vehicle can be nerve-wracking. So, spare yourself the worry and ship your super-expensive luxury car with an enclosed transport truck. They may be more expensive but they’ll save you a lot of hassle and make sure your car is protected against all damaging agents.
  18. Cities along major interstates, will typically be easier to ship to or from than those off the beaten path, as it were. Vehicle shippers use the interstates to get to and from just about everywhere in the country and charge less to ship to or from areas along major interstates.
  19. Shipping a vehicle depends very much on the route that you are shipping along. Quicker routes will take less time and cost less than shipments of thousands of miles. Most routes, even the longest in the country, will only take 7 to 10 days to deliver once they are on a truck.
  20. You will not need any proof of ownership of a vehicle you are shipping. Title and registration should be kept separate from any vehicle you ship, as it could get lost or stolen in route from pickup to delivery. Keep your important vehicle documents safe and secure and on your person or somewhere safe.
  21. Please don’t put any more than 100 pounds of stuff into your vehicle before transport. Auto shippers are not licensed to carry any household goods and can get in trouble if they are caught with vehicles containing household goods at a weigh station. Make sure to let your agent know if you are putting items in your car so the driver that shows up is not surprised by it.
  22. Vehicle shipping companies like taking holidays off. Typically they’ll plan their holiday schedules to take them closer to home, particularly around Thanksgiving and Christmas, when family is considered most important. Keep that in mind when shipping during the holiday season, as you may see higher prices as a result.
  23. When shipping a hot rod, make sure to talk to your representative about what type of shipping carrier is best for your vehicle. Enclosed is more expensive, but provides more protection from the elements than open transport, so keep that in mind.
  24. Be nice to your auto transport representative. They juggle a lot of different customers and their jobs are anything but easy. They work hard to make sure your shipment goes well, but many times problems arise that they have little to no control over. Don’t shoot the messenger.
  25. Make sure you’re fully aware of how long it’s going to take to get your vehicle shipped. You should plan on 1-5 days from booking to pickup, and another 7 to 10 days for cross-country transit. Ask your vehicle shipping representative for more on auto transport transit times.